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Event Details


  • Become capable of handling all types of gender criminals with legal means
  • Develop the breathing relaxation posture and movement necessary for fighting
  • Learn how to escort a woman to safety
  • Learn basic emergency resuscitation
  • Strategies used by gender criminals and how to foil them
  • All about weapons used by criminals and how to counter them
  • Basic psychology of the attackers
  • Finally Mob Violence

Call 9886006839 for more details.


About the instructor:


Ashwin Mohan ran with a street gang for over a year when he was 13. He saw the mindset of a criminal before, during and after jailing. He had the opportunity to interact with thousands of criminals and understand their stories.

Ashwin knows all about gender criminals Why they attack, How to fix it neurologically, What to do when attacked by a mob/ small group of attackers.


Ashwin Mohan 9886006839


Indian Heritage Academy
20th Main , Near Police Station, 6th Block
Bangalore, Karnataka